Endometriosis is a disorder that develops due to the unnatural growth of endometrial cells. Endometrial cells are supposed to grow only within the uterus, however certain abnormalities that also cause unstable hormone levels results in Endometriosis further progressing to the cells growing outside the uterus. Endometrial implants causes scarring, inflammation, and adhesions. They can appear on the outer tissues of the uterus, the fallopian tubes and anywhere in the pelvic and lower back area as well as the intestines and lungs. Even the brain can be affected, although this rarely occurs.

Although millions of women around the world are suffering from endometriosis, this condition is still largely unknown to many. People tend to confuse this with dysmenorrhea or other PMS problems, but in reality, Endometriosis is a far more serious medical condition.

The symptoms of endometriosis affect the women who suffer with them in various ways. Most women notice an increase in symptoms as their menstrual period approaches and then during its onset. In rarer cases, the symptoms persist throughout the month. The discomfort and pain are normally localized in the pelvic, abdominal or lower back regions. The severity of the pain also varies from woman to woman. Endometriosis can also cause dangerously heavy menstruations that may lead to the need for blood transfusions. Many severe cases cause infertility.

Treatments and cures of endometriosis

In recent years, Endometriosis has proven to be resistant to modern medicine. Thanks to the research efforts of Medicinal Technologies, a successful way of treating the condition and preventing the symptoms from worsening has been developed. The product which is slated to enter the market in early 2019 is called Endogen. 

Endogen when taken as part of a 3-part protocol has been proven to cure Endometriosis among other major illnesses. Endogen was developed to address the biophysical, pscho-neural and bio-chemical facets of individuals. The vegetable-based capsules are formed using all natural ingredients. This 3-part matrix recognizes the self-healing process in the body by identifying and treating the causes of illness, rather than to merely seeking to eliminate or suppress symptoms, so the body can heal itself.

Endogen alleviates the symptoms of Endometriosis during the menstrual cycle and aids in balancing the level of oestrogen.  Then natural ingredients present in the supplement also provides enough vitamins and trace minerals that are necessary for normal menstrual flow.

Not only is Endogen effective at combating endometriosis, but it is also recommended for the treatment of, PCOS, fibroids, unexplained infertility and other conditions. This wonder supplement is the best thing there is for treating endometriosis. While many approaches such as surgery have been used, these methods do not treat the underlying cause of the condition thus it frequently re-occurs. The natural ingredients and formulas of Endogen are effective at treating the biological cause of the disorder. This is a milestone for the affected population and the advancements of Biomedicine. Moreover, Medicinal Technologies has also developed a detox formula as part of the protocol for Endogen and is in the process of developing other formulas to address male infertility & ED, and some cancers.

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